GRAN PRIX strives for quality and excellence by listening, respecting, and responding to the needs of our valued customers.

Principles of Business

Do The Right Thing

We believe in doing what's right for the customer. Our goal is to help our customers be successful. We could never be successful ourselves if our customers are not successful. WE don't operate mail order fronts which compete with our customers. We speak up and stand up for our customers with manufacturers.

Tell The Truth

We will not hype a product by stretching or ignoring the truth. Our pricing is open and truthful. We will not fib about stock status or delivery dates to obtain orders, only to make excuses or blame the manufacturer later.

Be Effective and Efficient

Being effective means having products in stock. Being efficient means shipping products fast. It does no good to ship the same day if we don't have the product to ship. Having the product does no good if we can't ship it out when it is needed. We work extremely hard and invest a large amount in inventory to meet these goals. Many times we have more products in stock than the manufacturers which supply them. Our goal is to ship 100% of all products ordered the same day, and we typically achieve over 95% even with long-term manufacturer shortages.

Be Competitive

We watch our overhead closely. Thanks to our customers, we have a volume which allows us to have a low basic cost. We work with our suppliers to find bargain opportunities and then pass savings along to our customers. Our goal is to have very competitive prices across the board, not just a few popular items.